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Glitter with a side of Turkey…

Josh and I took on Thanksgiving at my old roommates house last year which wasn’t necessarily a mistake, it just wasn’t that great. Josh left the sack of crap inside the turkey resulting in only about a quarter of edible turkey, I was just barely out of surgery and my arm was more bummy than the guy that sits outside of the mall begging for my spare change. You would think my right arm (or “the good one”) would be ready to arm wrestle Lou Ferrigno with all the slack and heavy lifting it had taken on since my surgery….but it was weaker than it was before my accident. It was begging for a break, as if it were jealous of the lack of work my left arm was doing.

But not this year! I had so much to do in so little time. This Thanksgiving it is just going to be a couples night, the Haynie’s and the Hayham’s, so the decorations and booze were more for my personal pleasure than for anyone else, cause we all know Josh would eat Thanksgiving dinner on the couch playing Call of Duty and be a happy man. This year Josh knows how to properly cook a turkey (maybe), my arm can bend 2-3 inches more (which means I can move a pot of boiling water without making everybody nervous),  I’ve made more than my fair share of gourmet grilled cheeses (without the use of a microwave) and my mother won’t be following me around the kitchen with a towel and sponge (partly because there isn’t much room for more than about 1 and 1/2 people). It’s not that she’s cleaning up after me, because cleaning up after yourself is the worst part of good home cooking, it’s more that she is kind of like a little dog that gets caught under foot. Every time I turn around I’m stepping on her toes or guiding her away with my feet. It’s better to just give her a bottle of wine and keep her out of the kitchen.

The best part about Josh and I throwing Thanksgiving at our new pad, besides being able to drink to get drunk, is the decorating. When I was 16, hell when I was 22, the best part about any party was knowing there was going to be Vodka and boys. Only 4 years later and I’m more excited about what candles to use or what color scheme is best.  I recently turned my gaudy black picture frame with the pink center into a chalkboard. Josh hated it and probably would have preferred a picture of my ex-boyfriend over the bright pink background. I took the cardboard backing and spray painted (of course) it with chalkboard paint from Michaels . It’s genius, how do they do it?! Anyways then I reversed the natural order of the frame and replaced the glass with the cardboard and used the glass as the backing of the frame. Then I simply bought chalk, an eraser and got busy. Or should I say, my 6 year old boyfriend got busy.

I had planned on writing our Thanksgiving menu on our new chalkboard, but Josh clearly had other ideas. I was just going to erase it Thanksgiving day, but then he looked up at me from his Indian style seated position, with those big baby blues and told me, “You can draw one for Christmas!”. It was so sweet, I couldn’t erase it after that. I added a few pine cones that I stole from our local library’s lawn, and suddenly I was on my way to having somewhat of a Thanksgiving “mantle”.

As far as table settings go, I have bowls, plates and wine glasses ( shout out to my sister’s mother-in-law for getting these adorable fall wine glasses, they’re perfect). Other than that, I’m borrowing 90% from Mama Bear (whom I am most thankful for, for too many reasons to list in parenthesis). I wanted my theme to be one that included candles and glitter, without it looking like a stripper planning a romantic Valentine’s day dinner for her pimp (A.K.A tacky). When I went to Michael’s to find my chalkboard paint, I first found myself wandering around the fake floral section, one which I usually have no interest in being that I am not a 90 year old woman or gay man. But there were rows and rows of  glitter leaves in all different shapes and colors, for 50% off! I obviously could not resist so I bundled up as many as I could find that didn’t look like they belonged in “The Little Mermaid” ride at Disneyland, and this is the center piece I came up.

It started to look more like an Advent wreath and less like a magazine worthy Thanksgiving center piece, but a few pine cones later and it’s almost there. I then realized I didn’t have any napkin rings, and what is a Thanksgiving dinner without napkin rings?! Luckily I have a craft drawer (nerd alert) that houses some left over pipe cleaners I kept for this very situation. I also had a few of those glittery leaves left over from my advent wreath center piece. All of the appropriate ingredients for some homemade, and much needed, napkin rings.

First I folded my napkin,  then I wrapped the pipe cleaner around the napkin , and tied the very natural looking green leaf to the pipe cleaner 

and this is what I came up with. It’ll all come together once wine glasses and turkeys are involved (the cooked kind not the plush kind). Since were on the topic of the plush kind…I said earlier that I was borrowing 90% of my decor from Mama Bear, I mostly meant table cloths, cooking utensils and serving bowls. Boy was I lucky when amongst the mixture of beige linens and a silver cookware collection was a felt turkey bowl. This, well this just happened to be an added bonus…

Apparently it was something I loved from my childhood, something from my childhood I clearly had blocked. When I brought it home Josh was less than pleased. He asked if we could put it away until my parents came over on Thanksgiving day, fearing it would come to life and attack me while he was at work. I giggled and didn’t think about it again. Later, when I was searching for a pen and paper to make another one of my daily lists, this is where “it” was hiding…

The hair is the worst part….

Anyways I’ll post aftermath pictures of  the Hayham/Haynie Thanksgiving partay next time, and until then Happy Thanksgiving!

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