About Me

My name is Jenna and I am new to the blogging world, and happy to be here! I’ve been writing in a journal my whole life but being nearly halfway through my twenty something’s a diary felt so much less sophisticated. I figured I would take on the blogging world while I take on the renting world and share my stories, trials and hopefully successes with you all, rather than just my Dear Diary. The boyfriend Josh and I are taking the rumored death trap of all relationships and moving in together. We’re not married or even engaged, I can’t remember the last time my bank account saw 1,000 dollars steadily and after my measily contribution to rent every month, my part-time paychecks leave me with less than a lunch date for 2 at Chipotle in my pleather wallet. But it feels right, timing is perfect and (*cheesy alert*) I miss him when I’m not with him. Backwards is the new whatever is newer thank black and it seems to be working for us.

I have never been a real grown up before, and I was nervous that the first time I tried to escape Never Never Land I would fail. After all, I was just a less Justin Bieber-like version of Peter Pan who, despite my best effort, hadn’t had to face reality yet and act like a grown up. My life had a way of bringing me great ideas and giving me inspiration in everything I did. However, it was also quick to remind me I wasn’t living in a TV show and it was not going to make anything easy anymore. Luckily Josh has been playing grown up for 4 whole years now and has thought (a little bit) about his future and when his lease was up, we decided to take the leap I have been so afraid to take before. Of course it will be hard, but isn’t that kind of the point being in our 20 somethings? My motivation now is to move in, survive the poor part of living on my own (ie. bills, food, rent…) and make living in an old, small and musty apartment feel like Buckingham Palace.

Until the big move in day, I’ll keep pondering my decorating tactics, stressing about our financial sitch and figuring out how to live on my own at twenty something. Wish me luck and happy renting!


These are our adopted CHIWEENIES, Starsky and Hutch. They’re kind of my furry, living version of baby dolls.

(but don’t worry, I rarely dress them up :))


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