My Roommate is back!

It’s funny how attached you get to someone you live with: boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, roommates (not of the craigslist variety). I always thought Josh and I were close, but it’s starting to become a little inconvenient just how close. I have already made the complaint that I should never know what he does in the bathroom or with his boogars, but we’re even past that. Josh went home for Christmas, leaving lil’ ol’ me home alone…again. Our apartment is probably (not) below 0 degrees, the dogs feel neglected all day while I’m at work and therefore need to be taken on hour long walks in order to do their business (when Josh is here, they magically go within the first 2 or 3 seconds he takes them outside…suspect), the trash doesn’t take out itself and the bed might as well be a bed of ice. Lets face it, I complain vent about more than I need too, but I would gladly give up complaining about Josh dropping used Q-Tips wherever he is in that moment because the trash can is in the other room (3 feet away) or thinking that just because he moved the dirty dishes from the table to the sink that he’s done with cleaning them, I would even allow him to use my towel without washing it first, if he never left me alone in this ice cube for longer than a weekend ever again. I was on my 3rd bottle of wine and my 15th run of The Santa Clause 1,2 and 3 (they just never get old) when I realized that his being gone meant I could do more than watch whatever TV I wanted too while having free reign over the couch. I could get stuff done. Much like how I despise going to Best Buy just to browse, he never jumps at the opportunity to go peruse Home Goods or TJMAXX. But while he is deep in the heart of Texas, I can spend all day and night getting my discount shopping on. 3 giftcards, a few bottles of $2 buck chuck and three trips from the car I was ready to get my drink, and my decorate, on.

Christmas brought me many things I very much appreciated, things that don’t come from Santa’s Toy Shop, things that most people buy for themselves when they realize they need them, things that weird Aunt Sue always buys you and you return for the cash; Food Network magazine, giftcards, appliances, an apron. But most excitingly it brought me (and Josh) a dresser!

Finally, our bedroom can be just that, a bedroom and not a hoarders paradise.


Although I did appreciate the nice tone my stems got from having to lunge through the piles of boxes and clothes, I was happy to finally have a real boudoir. I can try my hardest not to get too girly in the living area of our apartment, but lets face it, once the PS3 was plugged in and the 55” TV was set up, I had to raise my white flag. And that was when the bedroom was mine, no gaming systems or beer cans allowed…unless those beer cans are involved in getting me a good buzz. I wanted a place I could comfortably lay, watch those Real Housewives of mine, enjoy a little ambiance and realax. Sometimes a girl’s just gotta relax. Josh doesn’t get that because his idea of relaxation is just doing nothing…anywhere. It doesn’t relax me to sit and watch somebody pretend to be killing aliens on a couch that frankly, ain’t that comfortable. I only approved  it (like most things) because of its look not its durability.

Anyways, luckily the J man is back and was able to put together our new treasure. But that was about it. Painting it, filling it and cleaning up the boxes it was replacing was all on me. But if I wanted it to get done before next Christmas, I knew I was the best contender for the job.


Josh isn’t thrilled with the “preschool” red I chose and if he wants to take it apart and repaint it a red he approves of, he is welcome to do so. But I am not worried because it takes him 3 weeks to put his cereal bowls in the dishwasher, and by the time he gets around to it, I’ve already done it… 3 weeks earlier. Regardless of the color, it still needs a few knobs, but there are only so many hours in the day and I still have to dedicate some to work and some to wine.

I put one of my giftcards to go use and went on a Target binge. I went on my lunch break and only had 1 hour, so I grabbed the first thing I found that I liked; bookshelf organizers (30% off) and 6 frameless mirrors. I was very excited about the mirrors because our bedroom walls were lonely, and needed a little flare. I was confused for a while because they came with no instructions, no hangers and they weren’t sticky backs. I was stumped and ready to return them and get me some cash money. But then Mama H came to the rescue again. She suggested the Command brand strips that don’t damage the walls and are sturdy enough to hold up to 12 lbs. They are


On another one of my penny pinching, giftcard spending shopping trips I bought this turquoise curly clock that probably belongs in a children’s playroom. I kept the receipt thinking for sure it would be ve-toed by Mr.B. But I was wrong, he “actually kinda likes it”, and “doesn’t know why”. Good enough for me! Anything could be on these walls, even a Mrs. Bieber poster,  and he and I both would be happy. Anything to make it feel more bedroom and less the place we store the bed.


It’s finally coming along, slowly (and I mean sloth slow). And hopefully once the bedroom is finished and all that will be left to do will be the occasional holiday candle switch and pillow swap. We obviously desperately need new bedding, an organized closet, and more space. But who am I kidding, I change my outfit for work 3 times before I leave…and I have to wear all black. Once I think I’m satisfied, I’ll decide that we need a new dining room table or to finally get an outdoor set so that or patio isn’t a concrete dog bathroom. But I am nothing if not willing and determined to make this a place we can both relax…however that may be. I’m just glad my roommate is back, the bed is 80 degrees warmer, and the chances of a murderer slaying me are a lot less.

Happy decorenting!


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