25: a number, a quarter and a crisis

It’s been a good minute since I was able to sit down and nerd out on the computer, what with all of the birthday hangovers and vacay festivities, but it’s good to be back (whether any of you noticed I was gone or not). Turning 25 didn’t feel much different at first. I woke up and it was a typical birthday. I was, rightfully so, a birthday princess. I got presents, free meals and everyones attention. That night my wonderful friends and boyfriend took me out to dinner at Wang’s (best Chinese food…ever) and out for some drink at Seven Grand, a whisky bar. That was when I should have realized I was old, but I didn’t. At that point all I really paid any attention too was the constant flow of alcohol and non-existant dance party I was having with myself. It wasn’t until the day after the celebration of my downfall that I began to piece it all together. There were the little things; my unmedicated early bedtime, my alcohol of choice, my pajama collection. Then there were the undeniable; back aches, waking up stiff, carrying tissues in my pockets. It all came crashing down when I stood up from playing with the weiners Indian style on the floor and it was no easy task, that was when it hit me… I was old…ish.

I had to physically use my hands to stretch out my legs, just to wait a few minutes for my feet to wake up. Then I used whatever, or whoever, was around me to pull myself up and slowly walked to the other room with a slight limp. After about 15 minutes, I was loose and ready to go.  And that was just the beginning. I knew that I had begun my downfall much sooner than my birthday. After a night on the town, which used to be a 4” heal, mini dress, smokey eye, bottle service, Downtown kinda night… is now a jeans, boots, sock bun, $3 well drinks, dive bar kinda night…anyways after an exciting night out I wake up looking like, and being looked at as if I should be living under a bridge demanding 3 questions be answered by every body I come across. I’m not so much worried about my mini skirt making me look slutty enough because I’m too busy thinking about not having camel toe in my jeans or looking pregnant in my maxi dress. Gone are the days of living a free spirited and care free lifestyle. Responsibility is a word I have become better acquaintances with, it’s more than just remembering to take the pill regularly. The future has more meaning than planning a pub crawl for the upcoming weekend. It’s no longer uncomfortable to call myself a woman. I look at my family and friends through different eyes, more strained and blurry eyes. My parents have transformed from an ATM/landlord/warden figure into a couple of elderly people I actually enjoy hanging out with. I am more comfortable shopping at Forever 21 online... there’s something disconcerting about walking out of the dressing room in the same cropped sweater and colored jeans as a 14 year old.

Even though this birthday is the beginning of the end, the top of the hill, a quarter life crisis if you will…I am optimistic. Even though my body weight may go up and the number of wrinkles on my forehead will certainly increase, I am happy to be a quarter century old. It feels like the beginning of a new chapter. The chapter that I don’t wake up with no memory and a screaming headache in. Good bye early 20’s, it’s been real…from what I remember I had a good time.

Back to the boring things we elderly folks find amusing on the weekends, DIY’ing. In between my mid-afternoon naps and catching the early bird special at Home Town Buffet, I found the time to create some cute Christmas ornaments IMG_8489 IMG_8603and decorated our 6 ft. tree.

2012-12-13_20-14-58_968Well the top of the tree anyways. I told Josh to just get a small tree…but in his defense carrying a larger 4 ft. tree the 15 feet from the parking spot to our apartment by himself would have been quite a hassle. And I guess, in lazy person lingo, small and miniature are the same size. But either way, it’s a tree a Charlie Brown-esque tree, but a tree none the less. I poured myself a glass of wine, lit some candles and got to work. 3 sips later, when the scent of cinnamon just began to fill the room, I was done.


It was also my month to create a Christmas inspired chalkboard drawing. Even though it was hard to channel my inner child, since it seems centuries ago since I was a child, I grabbed the chalk and created what my friend Lindsay called a duck looking Reindeer.


I also found my huge ziplock bag of bells lying around and created another fun and glittery table setting.


Again…recognize the glitter leaves? Those have come in DIY handy this Holiday season. Being a drunk wine connoisseur has also come in handy because yes, those are wine glasses (but don’t worry, I have enough to decorate with and drink out of) I have a cute center piece just a few bells, glitter and bows later. Back to being a drunk coming in handy, I also had shot glasses lying around that, much like the wine glasses, I used as candle sticks to create a layered candle presentation on our “mantle” (with some glitter balls and leaves in there…of course).


Hopefully I’ll make it through the Holidays without a broken hip or needing dentures. And hopefully my late twenty somethings are as fun, memorable and life changing as my early twenty somethings…and hopefully I won’t need botox, lip injections or liposuction before my thirty somethings.

Happy Holidays kiddos



One thought on “25: a number, a quarter and a crisis

  1. Camel Toe says:

    Never ever be ashamed of your camel toe, men love them 🙂

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