Adult Friendly And Boyfriend Approved

Another Sunday funday has come and gone, except this Sunday wasn’t spent in sweat pants and candle light but rather booty shorts and fans blowing on high. This on and off relationship I am having with San Diego weather is not boding well for my holiday spirit (and definitely not my hair).  But don’t you worry my friends, this global warming type weather hasn’t muddied my DIY spirit! (and clearly not my nerd factor either)

When I moved in with my parentalmates, I desperately needed a dresser (a feeling I am becoming all too familiar with in my mid-twenty somethings). Of course our first stop was…dun dun dun…IKEA. Through the crowds of foreigners and bargain hunters, I saw the perfect canvas. I couldn’t be picky and it should come as no surprise I have a love/hate relationship with IKEA, but it’s become a necessary routine stop when I am out on my (daily) home decor outings.

I know it looks like every dresser you have ever seen, and you were probably expecting a gold frame with diamond encrusted knobs and mother of pearl drawers. But I obviously wasn’t going to leave this wooden box the way I brought it home, oh no, I had plans for this beautifully plain dresser. I didn’t want to pull the trigger too quickly and being a poor person, finding a cheaper one would have been like striking gold. But much like an alcoholic at an open bar, I kept going back until one day I decided to take that little chest of wooden drawers home with me. I painted it gray and had planned on having every knob different. It was a very whimsical and girly idea that was undoubtably inspired by my mother. If she could still buy me baby dolls for Christmas and Bday prezzies…she would (she’s tried).

This was going to be the after, it was a work in progress, but it’s cute right?

Well Josh and his testosterone didn’t think so, and adult Jenna wanted something more boyfriend friendly anyways (Josh knows what to say to keep me quiet for an hour or so…that boy will use any excuse to play video games in peace).

No, I haven’t even begun damage control in our bedroom. I have been focusing my attention on the finer details of our living room. It’s no secret that we have tons of stuff and not anywhere near enough storage space, but that’s the story of the “living on my own” chapter of my life. The canvas I was using as storage for clothes at my roommates house seemed only natural to be used as a decorative storage unit in our living room now. Meanwhile our clothes are still in boxes and garbage bags under our bed.

My mom told me about this website (ikeahackers) that takes the generic cult like furniture of IKEA and allows all those creative DIY nerds to post and brag about their Frankenstein creations. It’s pretty neat what people can do with a chainsaw and some time on their carpenter type hands. I, on the other hand, am too impatient to do anything involving the word “hacking”. That would have involved putting the dresser together, figuring out how to use a chainsaw, taking the dresser apart, chainsawing the s-h-i-t out of it and then having to put it together again. This is IKEA furniture we’re talking about, chances of it being put together right the first time around are slim, let alone after I have taken a chainsaw to it. So when I saw this website I was inspired to DIY the crap out of that plain wooden dresser.  I knew there wasn’t much anyone could do to it with a chainsaw that wouldn’t just turn it into one giant drawer so I grabbed my paint brush and got busy.

So first I exchanged my trendy knobs in for the original knobs and spray painted them gold, and painted the center black. For 3 weeks whenever Josh and I were watching a movie or eating dinner, all I could do was uneasily stare at the chest doubting my creative abilities. I hated it and loved it at the same time. Luckily mama Haynie came to the rescue, in true mama fashion, and had given me some hand-me-down knobs that she didn’t need that were a milky white and silver. While I am always thankful for any mama H rescue, silver and I are not friends. So keeping true to the spray happy Egyptian in me, I spray painted those gold as well. I also had made an impromptu trip to TJ MAXX to stare at all the affordably cheap things I couldn’t afford (as I often do right before pay day) and in the midst of all the marked down baskets with holes and candles missing wicks, I found contact paper that didn’t have Sesame Street or the always classic grandma floral print designs. It was modern and more importantly it was only $5.99 for 2 rolls. SOLD!

After a few smoothing lines and paint brush strokes later, my once wooden dresser was now a grown up storage unit. I’m not sure why I feel like it is such a grown up piece of furniture, maybe because there aren’t any pink flowers on it?

Either way I was pleased. It’s nothing my 3 old nephew couldn’t have done and I’ll probably change it 3 more times before it’s perfect, but it did come out more boyfriend approved than my first attempt.

In between DIY’ing and Josh and I lazily sitting around in front of the fan in our booty shorts, we found time to get into the Halloween spirit and carve some pumpkins.

Josh’s is the one on the right 😉

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! and happy renting!

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2 thoughts on “Adult Friendly And Boyfriend Approved

  1. OMG, please come to my house and remodel a ton of my boring wooden furniture!

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