Finally rainy weather! Which in San Diego is the only excuse you need to stay in sweat pants past 10 a.m., eat and drink everything pumpkin spice and wear UGG boots even though it’s 65 degrees outside. Everything is better when its gloomy; being lazy, candles, brownies, Baileys and hot cocoa…Hocus Pocus. We’ve been so busy worrying about couches and storage organizers that I almost forgot to bust out the fuzzy glitter spiders and ghost pillows. I had to take a trip 30 minutes up north to my sisters and then 45 minutes down south to my sister-in-laws and smell the pumpkin spice, witches and black glitter to remind myself it was Fall!  Although lighting every pumpkin spice candle I can find and watching football in my jammies while resisting posting about it on Facebook is all I can motivate myself to do on a gloomy Sunday, there are still so many lists in my head that need to be done (decorating pumpkins before Christmas being one of them). I find that making 3, 4 maybe 5 lists a day calms my insane need to get everything done in the same day. Most of my lists are exactly the same plus or minus a few goodies, I just write them every time I feel overwhelmed and it bizarrely puts me at ease. I think that’s called crazy, but I’m not sure. I’m not as free spirited as I was when I was only 20, my days off aren’t busy drinking, eating and sleeping. Now at almost 25 years old, my days off are growing more stressful than my actual work days. So much has been done, our living room looks like a living room and all that’s left are the fine details that no one but my mom will notice. But theres still so much more…we’re talking an HGTV marathon of work. It’s like the designers version of plastic surgery, I can’t stop!

My bedroom is like…well it’s a disaster. Remember those glow in the dark stars that everyone had to have in their room circa 1996? They made going to be less of a drag. They always reminded me of a slumber party, going to bed was more exciting when you knew those little plastic stars would be glowing all night long. I have seriously considered buying an adult version of them, which really is just me as an adult buying them. Josh and I are in serious need of some glow in the dark stars to liven up our bedroom party. I’m forgetting what a bedroom feels like, as if the butt dents in the couch don’t prove that already. I’m use to sleeping on a couch, but not when MY bed is 10 feet away. I often ponder what my clothes in a dresser would look like or how checking myself out in a full length mirror will feel again. I can vividly imagine what pictures of family and friends reminding me of good times on the walls will look like and matching bed linen will feel like against my skin. I know I sound winey, but I’ve been drinking some wine. Josh reminds me of that on the reg, but since we’ve been sleeping in a dorm room (pre-occupado) I feel justified. One piece of furniture at a time, soon enough the room that houses our bed will be more of a party and less of a landfill.

In between watching football, lighting candles and writing lists I found some spare time to clean up my closet…well, a portion of it anyways…one shelf. Along with having too many clothes I can’t bare to give away, I had a department store’s worth of jewelry (and not the “Finer” section, the turn your finer green and give you an ear infection). When you have the room for useless things, you convince yourself you need them. When room is tight like booty shorts on the cast of  “Honey Boo Boo”, you find every reason to throw it away. And of course, like most of our crap, I couldn’t throw enough away. This was AFTER I purged. I swear, I wear (or plan on wearing) all of it!

I saw on Pinterest a while ago a self made earring stand and thought “One day i’ll do this”, but getting distracted by a healthy bbq chicken pizza recipe, I never got around to the “how too”. I decided I would take on the task, figuring it wouldn’t (couldn’t) be that hard, without the instructions.

It wasn’t brain surgery, hell it wasn’t coloring by numbers, but it did take me the better part of my day. I don’t know if I was just distracted by the…ok I don’t really have an excuse…it just took me a while to figure it all out. I started with an extra IKEA picture frame that made my gallery wall an even number, which according to mother hen is no-no #1 when producing a gallery wall.

…pretty typical and I’m sure 90% of you reading this have a version of it hanging in the room your sitting in right now.

I also had a stray piece of fabric swatch lying around begging to be used. I figured this could be easily poked with the earrings and 2 minutes later my project would be complete. After a few seconds of consideration, I realized it was just the perfect size, but it didn’t leave me enough slack to glue the swatch to the edges of the frame. It was clear (probably from the get-go) that it would need some type of backing, it being a piece of fabric and all. Luckily we just moved a month ago and boxes are like bottles of wine around here, there’s plenty. This was the only time I was thankful Josh hadn’t taken the boxes to the dumpster in 3 weeks.

Naturally this looks fabulous. But for those of you considering doing this…remember to glue the fabric to the cardboard. It took me, let’s just say, longer than it should have to figure this step out.

A few stares into space, frustrated sighs (screams) and one glue gun later…

…all the 100 other earrings I have will be shoved in a box in the junk drawer never to be seen, unless needed of course. But for now, the long dangly ones that always…ALWAYS get tangled are hanging nicely for me to pluck off and complete any outfit. I’m actually obsessed with this, and if I wasn’t so busy being lazy today, I probably could have made it even better.

At about 5 P.M I got my daily burst of energy and started a few more projects. Finally I can start crossing things off my lists and start enjoying a glass of wine out of my .99 wine glasses (don’t ask I’m ashamed…but anything under a buck is coming home with me).

Until next weeks list…Happy rentinggggg

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