IKEA Was A Bad Choice

With our move in date just around the corner and boxes beginning to stack on top of each other in the hallway, my list of “must have’s” and “to do’s” keeps growing and growing and growing! It never ends, and neither do the arguments about color schemes and fabric choices I am having with myself, and surprisingly the BF. He wants to stain our dresser a dark brown…I know, I couldn’t believe it either. The last thing we need in a small dark apartment, is big dark furniture! When we first agreed to move in together, I assumed he knew that he forfeited all decorating rights to me…as long as he could have a man cave or, more realistically, that the couch was comfortable. That was a deal I was willing to make. I wasn’t about to hand over all decorating rights to a man who is refusing to give away a monkey lamp and Sasquatch painting he bought at a yard sale. But again, I didn’t want this apartment to be too girly or too manly…it needed to be a little bit of both, a tranny of an apartment if you will.

I had just begun to get into the groove of things putting the finishing touches in my bedroom at my old roomies (my parents) house, it was hard not to take all of my inspiration and decorating ideas from that room and incorporate them into our apartment. I liked my colors, fabrics, pillows, picture frames…everything! It was like I was giving up my bachelorette pad for something more brown and boyfriend friendly.

Reminding myself that I couldn’t keep my leopard print everything or pink picture frames, we decided to do a walk through at IKEA. Bad…BAD idea. IKEA on a Saturday, much like how Ron Burgandy felt about milk on a hot day, was a bad choice. Not only was Josh hungry and therefor grumpy, but the people! No boundaries, these people. I was convinced IKEA had to be giving anything and everything away for free. Why did all of these people decide to go to Ikea at the same time on the same day! Realizing how appealing the insanely cheap prices and cheesy advertising were, I quickly moved on and did what I had to do to survive,  join the herd. Other than people aimlessly wandering from department to department with no concept of personal space, as if they were shuffling onto Space Mountain, I noticed they were all choosing the same products in one of 3 different colors (usually black, red or white). I too began to feel myself being drawn to the black and white dish towels and red picture frames. I couldn’t be a part of this. But the prices! The prices are so affordable, especially on the poor people budget I was on. I knew I couldn’t pass up the .99 dinnerware collections or basic wooden furniture pieces begging to be DIY’d, but I had to come up with a way to break from the herd and individualize my soon to be generic collection.

Josh and I desperately need a dresser because, well, I need the closet to myself. We needed something big, cheap and (of course) unique. Apparently my yellow chevron bed spread was too “girly” for the man’s man, so we have to find (and agree on) a new bedspread we both like because obviously the faded and torn gray one he had been forcing me to sleep with was NOT hanging around.

Not to mention, the weenies have used the gray hunk o’junk as their own blanket, toilet and grooming station (it has got ta go)

The cookware, pots and pans Josh already has, have been used for 3 years by 5 guys…’nuff said. I mean we really need it all. We have a bed, an old dining table with cherry fabric, and a huge TV. Our budget doesn’t really allow us to be picky, but the designer in me does. I wouldn’t (couldn’t) settle for generic.

Like a kid in a candy store, I was drawn to everything. I could’ve spent the entire day in there. My creative juices were a flowin’ and my hands couldn’t write anything down fast enough (that could have something to do with the doll friendly pencils the give you to write with). Josh of course wanted to power through and eat meatballs. Everything he liked was brown, and everything I liked wasn’t. I just dont like brown. I can tolerate different shades of brown, like cognac, beige and tan…but dark chocolate brown is better left on my brownies. We did find a couple of things we both agreed on though (as if it really matters): a lazy susan and a begging to be DIY’d dresser. It’s a start. Luckily the rainy season is on its way, because it looks like I’m going to be in a DIYers dream.

On the list:

-an IKEA wooden dresser (in need of some DIY lovin’)

-2 black hand me down bookshelves

-1 black hand me down cabinet

-1 hand me down, cherry covered dinning set

-1 gallery wall (minus any girly colors/prints/frames)

– 1 apartment in desperate need of some homey touches and unique pieces ..and much much more.

I have my work cut out for me…making black bookshelves not so generically black won’t be so hard, but transforming black bookshelves into trendy more man friendly ones might be a bit of challenge for me (deep breath). Trendy, man friendly and sophisticated…I’m sure I’ll have it all figured out and set up perfectly by the time our 1 year lease is up!

Wish me luck and happy renting!

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